Antenna Jampro JUED MNCTV Jakarta

Catur Mitra Adhikara telah melakukan instalasi Antena Jampro JUED di MNC TV Jakarta.....Read more

Antenna Jampro JUED SCTV Surabaya

Catur Mitra telah melakukan instalasi Jampro JUED untuk SCTV Surabaya.....Read more

Tower 314 M SCTV Surabaya

Catur Mitra Adhikara telah membangun tower setinggi 314 meter di Surabaya, Jawa Timur....Read more

Pemancar Gatesair MNC 40 KW

Catur Mitra Adhikara telah melakukan instalasi Pemancar Gatesair untuk MNC....Read more

CMA Installed BE AM6A in Surabaya

Catur Mitra Adhikara Installed BE AM6A in Surabaya....Read more

CMA & Gatesair provide training for RRI

Catur Mitra Adhikara and Gatesair provide training Gatesair product to RRI in Jakarta. This training start from today ....Read more

Caton Technology and PT Catur Mitra Adhikara participate in Broadcast Indonesia 2017

Caton Technology is working with PT Catur Mitra Adhikara to participate in the 2017 Broadcast Indonesia Exhibition....Read more

CMA Provides Arris CM820B for Linknet

Cable modem Arris CM820b delivers high data transfer rates on the home...Read more

STX 10 For Radio Elshinta

CMA provides STX 10 Electronic Broadcast for Radio Elshinta....Read more

CMA held the Digital Television for Indonesia Seminar

PT Catur Mitra Adhikara held a seminar with the theme Digital Television for Indonesia...Read more

IVP 3000 for INTV

CMA provides a pair of IVP-3000 for use on INTV...Read more

DAB Installation at RRI Entikong

CMA provide DAB installation at RRI Entikong...Read more

Seminar Video Open Internet & Video Compression Solution

CMA held a video over open internet technology & video compressions Solutions Seminar...Read more

Demo Satellite antenna device for KU BAND

CMA demonstrations satellite antenna device for KU BAND frequency band...Read more

New Event : LASER Targeted Ad-Insertion

LASER Targeted Ad-Insertion and the future of adverstising in broadcast...Read more

DSNG Advent-TVRI On Action

The NewSwift CF antenna is a highly compact integrated satellite terminal designed for...Read more

CMA Setting Up Transmitter

Harris UAX3000AN transmitter is a analog TV transmitter air cooled solid state with output power...Read more

CMA had present 7 set of the newest IMTV Satellite Modulator Tech

In collaboration with PT.Indoesia Media Televisi,CMA had present the new generation DVB-S2...Read more

CMA participate for HFC development for DVB-C at Pekanbaru Riau

CMA has participate in the first time development of HFC(Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) network for DVB-C...Read more

CMA has finished Jampro Antenna Systems at B-Channel Jakarta

CMA has supplied and installed Jampro Antenna Systems for...Read more

CMA finished installation of HFC Network at BSD City

CMA had supplied and installed Hybrid Fibre Coaxial Network at...Read more